My Adwords Remarketing Strategies for Existing Customers

I am writing  this post on basis of my 3yrs adwords experience, so read my article &  give suggestion to improve my  experience in Google Adwords

As  PPC  experts we spend  more time on brainstorming,  creating strategies  and taking essential step to implement  them and to  get more valuable new customers. No doubt, the goal is generate more revenue, sales, leads or signups.

But do you think what about the existing customers, have you prepared marketing strategy for existing customers. If no! Don’t worry; here I am explaining my marketing strategy & experience to the valuable existing customers.

From seniors, white papers & my experience what I’ve learned so far, comprehensive marketing strategies to existing customers sooner or later proves more effective and rewarding. If it is implemented in right way, it increases ROI, improves brand reputation, and assists to bid competitor.

Let’s See how it possible.

How to implements a campaign to target only existing customers?


Before you going to market to your Adwords existing customers, your first step must be set up a separate campaign for this… See here how you can able to do-

> Just think you are already using Google Adwords conversion tracking, make a re-marketing campaign for targeting only the visitors who already taken your services in past 30 days. This 30 days duration is very important to experiment and depends on your ppc advertising goals. I recommend to start with thirty days (30 days) initial period.

> As I told you that, you must have 2 separate groups for image and text ads. You may as why? It will make easy your bidding strategy, you can bid on text and images ads differently and able to track their performance in smooth way.

> Set up a separate & eye-catching tracking template for this campaign so that you can easily track its performance.

So, now your campaign set up are finished, let’s   come to point, what type of strategies you should have for adwords existing customers.

Be Thankful Them for Being Your Customers


A customer generally happy if someone appreciates her/him. An appreciation plays important role as marketing tools and helps to bring customer more closer to brand, and if you can handle in right way then they play as your brand ambassadors spreading your brands in their communities through words of mouth marketing.

I think, you must already be done it but you need to check whether it’s work effectively or not.

Generally, we send simple text email “Thanks for shopping with us” once someone purchased product from us.

 Have you asked this question yourself!  Will this work effectively, I think not!  As a customer point of view I think it’s an old as formula and not meaningful.

Such type of emails have become less or more monotonous. Hardly anyone likes to read it. Your customers think about your brand when they find any problem with payments, shopping, delivery etc.

So, my advice; you should think something unique, different and that can force to customer think about your brand.

But How?

The solution is – Advertise in such way that customers think you are not selling to them again.


Take help of Adwords Remarketing ads to appreciate and thank your customer s for valuable shopping with your brand. Make them feel special and gently ask them to stay connected.

Bring them to a web page that has all the current updates   your brand and be sure they can easily contact you. Show all support and contact information on the same page. Have social media links and ask them to re connect.

Doing such type of activities you will defiantly sure that your customer are too closer  to your service  and now you have  better opportunity to impress and convert them in near future.

Offer complementary products or services.

Before offer them any complimentary product/services track your customer’s information and shopping behavior. For example if your customer brought a smart phone, advertise phone accessories or phone cases to them. If somebody takes your services like software, ask them if they need any consultancy services.

Keep in mind, do not provide same remarketing ads to your converted customer because it impact negative effect to your brands.
If you account does not have separate campaign for existing customer, simply exclude them from your adwords remarketing lists. This way you can stop to showing product or services to your existing customers.

Offer Attractive Discounts on Repeat Purchases.

Create attractive discount codes for existing customers and make them to know it via Adwords Remarketing ads.

Show them a special reason to revisit and shop again.  So them there are no hidden terms give them straight discounts and convert then to your life time customers.

Think what to do the after sales.

Every e commerce and service industries facing challenges in today digital word.  Have you think why not getting 20 reviews even you get 200 customers in a day. You know, if you make one customer unhappy, you will pay more time and money to fight against his/her negative reviews.

Yes, it’s one of the biggest challenges these days. When you make 100 happy customers in a day, you won’t be getting even 10 happy reviews for your products or services. But ironically, if you happened to make a single customer unhappy, you will have many negative reviews to fight with.

And you may don’t know! Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing give more important on higher ranking these reviews then positive reviews.

Anyway, come to the point. Use your adwords remarketing campaigns to expand your brand/service after sales , ask  customers if they need any type of support.

By Doing this Activity You will Get Better Helpful.

This type of activities makes your loyal customers happier; they will keep in touch in future. If you think everything is right then share these customers’ remarks in all your social channel and let to know other visitors.

Social Media Analytics For Twitter, FB, Pinterest, YouTube, Slideshare, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flick, WordPress, Blogger, Vine, Google+ & Instagram

What is social Media?

Social media are the web 2.0 tools that allow people to share, create or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/video in viral communities and networks.

Social media technologies take on many different forms includes blogs, business networks, enterprise social networks, forums, micro blogs, photo sharing, products/service reviews, social bookmarking, social gaming, social networks, video sharing & virtual words.

Social Media Analytics:

> Analytic Tools – Google Analytics, Adobe Ominuture & other provide detail information.

> Other basic information like bounce rate, browser used, operating system used, search keywords people use to find your blog/website & social media traffic can also be measured through the tool.

Twitter Analytics: Twitter provides impressions, engagements, top tweets, promoted tweets, twitter cards & other data. This can be used to improve your tweets.

Facebook Analytics: Facebook provides likes, reach, people engaged, organic likes, paid likes, who your audience are & other activities. Country, city & video analytics also available.

Pinterest Analytics: Pinterest provides impressions, views, clicks, activity from your site/blog, country, boards with top impressions, top pins, like & others.

Slideshare Analytics: Slideshare provides total views, slideshare actions, top content, traffic sources, viewers, social media, countries & others.

LinkedIn Analytics: LinkedIn provides two types of analytics. 1) Stats of the post you publish. This includes Demography, who is viewing your posts, Views & others.

2) Your profile views – Only a few details are available in this & full list can be unlocked with Linkedin premium.

YouTube Analytics: YouTube analytics provides wide range of data for videos uploaded. Some of the data includes engagement, performance, top videos, demographics, traffic sources & others.

Tumbler Analytics: Tumbler provides basic parameters such as no. of followers, who followed you & others. But you can easily implement Google Analytics for your tumble profile to get the complete information about your profile.

Flicker Analytics: Flicker offers a host of information about the photo like source breakdown, top views & others. This is paid service & only available for Pro members. For free account, only the followers & following option available.

WordPress Analytics: WordPress provides a reach information about posts like views, keywords, referrers, Clicks, comments, Followers, top posts & others.

Blogger Analytics: Blogger provides information on posts like page views, traffic sources, posts, audience and others. Google analytics can also be used with the blogger to find out more metrics related the post.

Google+, Instagram & Vine Analytics:

Google+, Instagram & Vine don’t provide deep analytics for the users. Very little information in the form of number of follower, views, No. of loops & other details

Infographic: Travel Bloggers And Their Twitter

Since last decades bloggers have been able to make unique space of being a blogging, whether their tech, travel, arts, food or any industries.

Social media is playing fantastic role in the success of the blogger’s career, in terms of networking, promotion and finance. Just take an example; infographic of Dublin’s Sandymount Hotel.

Today most of travel bloggers use Twitter for promoting their blog posts! According to the Twitter survey 100% travel bloggers use twitter for research and promotion.

98% in Facebook and 60% in Pinterest and Google+, and 50% in YouTube.

Travel Bloggers social media

How To Optimize Your Call To Actions!

call to action

My & Your business want to get benefit from efforts of social media marketing, but the question raise how do we measure it. Do you gauge by messages, phone calls, shares or likes? Once properly determine what you look from your audience, you must have expertise a call to action for them to reply to your message. Here are some valuable suggestions for creating a better call to action that will assist encourage your visitor to respond of your social media campaign.

What do you deserve from your audience activity?

You should describe your content in such way that your customer easily satisfy for further action. Make content very simple, easy understand, to the point, and something at least they knew how to do. Take an example: Click to know more!

What is in it for me?

You know that your time is money, so if seriously want you visitor to make a call you have to give them some exciting offers. Think what they get benefits to learn more about YOU. Mind it, your campaign can not focus always promotion or discounts. Try to offer some exclusive message or event invitation, etc.

Make them to take immediate action!

Make your call to action too attractive so that they can take your service or offer immediate or else they may go to competitor’s page, be sure they make action immediate or call them to close the deal. Show offer only limited period, or one time discount, or something they can’t ignore it.

Optimize it.

Here are some essential tips:

– Apply some bright colors, bold text or a beautiful image so that your messages stand out amongst crowd.

– Give them to choose one or two option to choose.

– Make easy direction, simple steps and offer different places to take action

– Don’t show long time offer, keep it limited period like one time offers.

– Create it simple and relevant.

– Try to encourage them to SHARE with their family or friends via social sharing sites.

Stay steady.

Don’t take any mistakes; avoid your audience to send irrelevant pages or have called them through your staff who doesn’t know about current offers. Keep messaging consistent.

Is it working?

Unless setting goals you can’t say it is really working. So set goals before starting campaign for call to action. Here some tips helps to get your call to action successfully.

Impressions: How many numbers of audiences are seeing your campaign?

Clicks: How many people are clicking?

Completions: How many audiences filled out from for further information?

Calls: How many people are calling?

Social Engagement: How many people shared, liked, re-tweeted or commented.

If you have any questions related call to action or how to create a profitable social media strategy, contact us at 09540028332 or visit! We would like to solve and help you achieve some great results.

Guest Blogging Guideline According to Matt Cutts

Frequently search algorithm updates and hummingbird, a new algorithm of Google update, guest blogging  is next target of Google,  we asked question “guest blogging and paid guest blogging where writer get paid link” to Matt Cutts, search spam head of   Read bellow what he answered our questions?
Question – What are the differences between organic guest blogging and paid guest blogging?

Answer – According to him, when his team reviews spam reports, at that time they easily identified difference between paid guest blog content and organic guest blog posts.

One of the best ways to categorize paid links from organic guest blog content is how proper the title of the topic matches the rest of website’s content. According to Cutt, what we knew spam content is mainly focus off-page topic or irrelevant, focusing little niche of blog.  Spam content also contains target keyword rich anchor text.

Question – What is your suggestion?

Answer – Cutts says, a well professional guest blogger should familiar on a specific subject. Organic guest blog post must allow a paragraph about guest blog author, including why they were offered to publish a topic for the site. An Experienced guest blogger also avoid the anchor text which contain excess amount of keywords.

According to Cutts,   day to day the spectrum of quality and low quality guest blog posts are increasing dramatically. Marketers think that guest blogging is like “fad of the month” and considered guest blogging is the best link building tool.


After getting answer from Matt Cutts, what  we suggest to the all SEO experts and bloggers “  If you accept guest blogging  then do moderate as much as possible, if you able to do this then no one stop to build your website reputation.  Guest blogger must tell to the blog owner for moderation their subject”

For more information you can see the video of Matt Cutts

Content Sharing Tools of the Year

If looking some useful content sharing sites to share your business content then you must read this post. All sites are free and better functionality.  If you are in, you create broad topics on any related content you desire, and those boards allow adding links to relevant content.

Also follow other boards you like for reading content on your niche. It is the platform to find all sites in one place.


PostPlanner:   This tool is an app typically designed for content managing on Facebook site. PostPlanner is a content sharing search engine. Enter any keywords, and PostPlanner display the content according to the popularity. Popularity means most likes/shares.


Swayy:  Swayy is newly content sharing tool, offering many functionality. Categories content according to your requirement and this tool will show the most & recent content based on popularity( followers and fans)

If think content are helpful, share on your Linkedin, Twitter and facebook.


Feedly:  Feedly specially designed for blogs. As we know blogs are best source of finding quality content but searching good blog content is time-consuming, and subscribe lots of email. In feedly you will only one email subscribe and you get all popular bog content.

Feedly give you specific categories to blog owner where they can share their content of blog. For reader they can select their category and once they select can get popular shared content.


Topsy:  Most familiar social search engine that is helpful for getting most shared content.


Storify:  A tool where you collect different types of media from the web, gather that information inside a story and then make it accessible.  Benefit of using it that you can easily embed script and share on Facebook page or website.


Read more here

Infographic: Social media use is growing fast internationally. See what you can expect and where

Can you believe it, almost 1 in 4 people of every continent  around the world are using social media. More people giving more time to interact. According to the eMarketer research that 2.55 billion people worldwide will access (use)social networks  at  2016 year. Brazil, China, Mexico, Indonesia and India are among top country.

Just watch below:
Social media use is growing fast internationally

Top 11 Most Popular Social Bookmarking websites a newly New York based digital media company introducing top 10 most popular social bookmarking websites for 2014 year. The digital team of the company has researched on the basis U.S. traffic rank, Alexa Global traffic rank, Compete and Quantcast data. Make strong community on this website to grow your brand popularity.

scoopit1 |

Unique Estimated traffics -550,000 | Comete Rank – 7,675 | Quantcast Rank – 7,205 |Alexa Rank – 996.
Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

digg2 | Diigo

Unique Estimated traffics -1,200,000 | Comete Rank – 4,765 | Quantcast Rank – 2,700 |Alexa Rank – 1,769.
Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

newsvine  3 |

Unique Estimated traffics -1,390,000 | Comete Rank –  2,224 | Quantcast Rank – 2,020 |Alexa Rank –  3,388.
Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

friendfeed  4| friendfeed

Unique Estimated traffics -1,500,000  | Comete Rank – 4,053 | Quantcast Rank – 2400 |Alexa Rank –  686.
Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

slashdot  5 | slashdot

Unique Estimated traffics -1,700,000   | Comete Rank – 2,335 | Quantcast Rank -1825 |Alexa Rank –  1245.
Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

fark  6 | Fark

Unique Estimated traffics – 1,850,000   | Comete Rank – 2,045 | Quantcast Rank -1019 |Alexa Rank – 2,120
Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

twitter  7 | Twitter

Unique Estimated traffics – 250,000,000 | Comete Rank – 30 | Quantcast Rank -5 |Alexa Rank – 9
Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

pinterest  8 | Pinterest

Unique Estimated traffics –  85,500,000 | Comete Rank – 42 | Quantcast Rank -16 |Alexa Rank – 36
Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

reddit  9 | Reddit

Unique Estimated traffics – 16,000,000 | Comete Rank – 705 | Quantcast Rank -64 |Alexa Rank – 115
Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

stumbleupon  10| Stumbleupon

Unique Estimated traffics – 15,000,000  | Comete Rank – 950 | Quantcast Rank -150 |Alexa Rank – 150
Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

delicious  11 | Delicious

Unique Estimated traffics – 5,500,000  | Comete Rank – 1396 | Quantcast Rank -870 |Alexa Rank – 348
Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

How Can A CMS Be Useful For Your Website?

I have an online business, so in the early days I had to do a lot of research when it came to getting the right technology and design to get me the most sales. I had no previous knowledge about any web development, and I am still certainly not a pro web developer by any means. However I do know what can work well for beginners as I’ve been there myself! In the end I chose a company to help me who do web design in Manchester as they introduced me to the idea of having a CMS (a content management system). If you’re trying to get to grips with your first website, here are a few reasons you might want to consider using one.

Firstly, what is it?

Wikipedia defines a CMS as “a computer programme that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface”. In short, this means you are able to control what images and text is displayed on your site all from one place. There are different systems available on the market, some of which are free and some that you’ll need to pay for. It is possible to use one that already exists (WordPress, Joomla!) or get a company to create a custom one for your needs.

Why is it useful?

Now that you know what a CMS is, it’s time to learn a bit more about the benefits of having one…

Good for quick changes: the first reason I love using a CMS is that I can make changes in the click of a couple of buttons. All I need to do is log-in and then find the page I want to change, rewrite a sentence or two, before pressing publish. This is great if you have prices on your website that change frequently, or even if you spot a typo here or there. I can make these website amends when I’m on the go too; it really is that quick.

No difficult coding: the next massive benefit of a content management system is that you don’t need to be an expert to use it. You might require a training session with your web development company at first just to make sure you know what’s what, but after that you should be good to go. All you’ll need to do is click a few buttons and you won’t even need to write any code! There are generally options to see the “text” view and the “source” view though so you do have the choice to do some HTML tweaks if you’re feeling up to it.

Get your website faster: the final major plus point for a CMS is that the technology is already there, which means your web team will simply need to create a design for your site and get the system to work with it. This means that you’ll be able to have your website completed quite quickly, which is great if you need to have it up and running soon.

Get Better PSD to HTML Service from the Odishasys

Are you frustrated or unsatisfied on PSD design looks or PSD designed services from others company?  If yes, then your option is Odishasys Company where our well skilled expert engineers and developers hand your PSD file to convert HTML code.


The Odishasys is an Indian registered IT company whose marketing office in New York, USA and operation office is in Delhi NCR and Bangalore, India. We convert design files into perfect pixel code with reasonable price and included all basic jQuery so that in future you can modify easily without taking any help. So what you think, try now Odishasys’s PSD 2 HTML design service for next HTML e-mail template, web application, WordPress site or any other design code conversion problems.

First you should know what and why PSD 2 HTM?  During the time of submitting PSD(Photoshop) for  html code conversion,  you get HTML pixel format and CSS form the Odishasys . But you may think how it works.

1. Developer Review – Our developer at first  go through completely your design files  to be sure that all essential design elements are in the PSD designs for CSS and HTML conversion. You want to continue this design in each page and position including form validations, modal popups, lightboxes, sliders, tooltips, dropdowns menu and more in the html pages. After reviewed by our dedicated developing team you will get a quote.  Price includes of a project on the basis of each pages. For each HTML file you will get separate PSD designs.

2. Hand coded PSD to HTML and CSS3 – After approving our agreement, our front-end web developer will start hand coding. All elements including  line-height of layers, images, fonts, fonts sizes, color, positioning, etc. our developers go through layer by layer of PSD file to make sure pixel is perfect and match to design. All code will be written HTML5 with external CSS style sheets. After completed we pass the HTML validate errors.

3. JavaScript Development & JQuery Animations -After converting the CSS and HTML from PSD design our developer start JQuery animation coding.  These animations coding going on any pages like modal popups, menus, from drop-down, etc.  These are done from various layers grouped in the design PSD, especially with off/on states of each element with interaction or animation.

4. Testing and Final HTML Delivery – After finishing above process  we will tested to make sure your PSD to HTML conversion error free. We will give error free perfect HTML code that looks similar PSD designs.