The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing

The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing

According to “The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing” study by Baltimore SEO agency Straight North, about 50 percent of a company’s website inquiries aren’t sales leads. This data makes understanding the effectiveness of your lead generation campaign critical. A great way to do this is through a process called“lead validation.” This process requires marketers to sift through website inquiries, and to separate sales leads from non-sales conversions. When you do this, you will uncover data that will help you accurately determine which campaigns are generating actual sales leads.

Through lead validation, marketers will:

• Know the online source to which each sales lead can be attributed.
• Know the number of sales leads versus just knowing the number of inquiries generated.
• Not only know the cost per conversion (which the data shows can be misleading) but also know the accurate cost per lead.

With this kind of vital data, you no longer risk investing in campaigns that are contributing little or no ROI, and overtime you will see your campaign performance greatly improve.

Check out the slide presentation below to learn more about lead validation.

Author Bio

Aaron Wittersheim is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 20 years of business and technology experience. He is currently Chief Operating Officer at Straight North,a Baltimore Internet marketing company.

Survey: Amazon beats Google as starting point for product search

Thirty eight percent of shoppers start with Amazon, 35 percent start with Google.

According to the PowerReviews data 38% shoppers starts product search with Amazon and 35% with Google.

According to the news of PowerReviews, Amazon is the first site preferred starting point for product search. Google comes in second, followed by retailers/brand sites & e-commerce marketplace like Esty, eBay, etc.

Amazon — 38 percent

Google — 35 percent

Brand or Retailer Site — 21 percent

Other e-Commerce Marketplaces — 6 percent

Consumers always find more interesting and valuable information on reviews, product selection, deals & shipping/prices in Amazon.

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Google Now Use RankBrain Technique for every search, impacts ranking

Last year, RankBrain updation all website has lost 15% search queries. Now Google has came back with same technology and will continue in search algorithm that means your website will not visible in top rank position if your website is not proper optimize according RankBrain. In previous post I’ve told the advanced tips for recovering your website from RankBrain.

What RankBrain may be doing

Just imagine, what will be happening  in your online business   due to the change of search queries by Rankbrain. And question is that how you handle. To know your question read  full article in Search Engine Land.

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Google Adds Rich Results Filter to Search Console

Google has given new filter to the SEO industries after adding keyword comparison data to the search console. If you’ve implemented rich card or rich snippet structure data, a fresh new results filter is now live in the Analytic report within  the search console.

To get it, log into the search console, choose your website, navigate to the search traffic report and then click on search analytics.

Rich cards are new pretty concept and it similar to rich snippets. You can implement specific structure data markup for elements like reviews and rating. Reach cards appear at the top of mobile search result. It helps to get better organic ranking both mobile and desktop device.

To read the full article please visits Search Engine Journal.
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Big changes to device bidding In AdWords: What could they mean for your accounts?

Laura Collins, a Columnist of Search Engine Land discusses the individual bid adjustment impact in Andwords, As Google recently announced few changes during Google performance summit in San Francisco. The big changes to device bidding in Adwords system. what could they mean for your accounts.

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12 things successful PPC managers do in the morning

Columnist Pauline Jakober is explaining to all PPC manager what to do in the morning to ensure their PPC campaign running successful and what to do in morning activities.

This post explain 12 things successful PPC managers do in the morning to know what happened yesterday.

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

7 Essential Google Analytics reports every marketer must know

Columnist Pravakar Das says today his fan why all marketing professional should be familiar in 7 Google analytic reports.

Marketers should have few more advanced skills for deep understanding of Google Analytic behaviour and its conversion measurement abilities.

After all, this is the tool that measures your skill and efforts whether you are able to understand concept.

Sadly, Google Analytic mastering can be challenging task, even for well talented marketers. There is some good data and very simple way to know the dashboards.

To help you out, I’ve collected seven custom reports that help you to use in right way to know insight into your website performance.

  1. Mobile Performance Report

You know very well that the number of mobile visitors now rapidly exceeds the number of desktop visitors…

..  and mobile e commerce is around 30 percent of all e-commerce in US market.

In fact, mobile is necessary now a days, even Google penalizes non mobile-friendly websites.

For online marketers, knowing very well how their website performs on small screen is very important to gain better rank in the SERPs and engaging the customers.

The mobile performance report in Analytic shows you how well your website is optimize for mobile and where you need to take essential steps to improve.

In segment report you can see which mobile browser/devices visitors are using to access your site. This will indicate if your site is performing on some mobile devices.

Accessing this report is too easy:  Click on Audience ->Mobile-> Overview.

Below this image you will see how your site performing on different platform.

  1. Traffic Acquisition Report

Have you think, how people actually clicking on ads? The post you have published anywhere in blog or other sources – is it generating traffic to your website? How your SEO strategy is working?

The traffic acquisition report will let you know all this & more. I don’t know whether it is your first step in the reporting process.

This is the standard report image, you can see by clicking on Acquisition -> Overview

This will give quick breakdown traffic sources.

Click Referrals” tab (Acquisition -> Overview -> All Traffic -> Referrals) for the specific insight.

This will tell which external sites is driving traffic to your website.

  1. Content Efficiency Report

You are generating content daily basis on your site but getting difficulty to track.

See carefully this graph, created by Avinash Kaushik, an author of web analytics 2.0 and digital marketing evangelist at Google; from this graph you can solve your problem.

This report tells bounces, page views and goal completions to solve your questions.

. Which content is engaging your audience
. What types of content
. Which content converts readers into real time customers
. Which content is share most by your readers

See the quick over view.

  1. Keyword Analysis Report

Keyword analysis report tells you from which key search term your users use to search and enter into your website..

This graph shows conversion rates, visitor metrics, goal completion & page loading time for each keyword.

Use this data to analyse which keyword are performing  very well for you, how many keywords are turning into your goal and what keyword you need to optimize in the near future.

  1. New vs. Returning Visitors

Site owner always want tons of new and returning visitors for his site. A site really perfume very well if it able drive same visitor again and again. After all repeating visitors turns your customers.

See this analytic graph and know your customer behaviour.

See the metrics for new and returning visitors are little bit different. The bounce rates are different for new and returning visitors.

  1. Landing Pages Report

Your visitors will enter your web site from different pages. Some will direct type home page and enter your site, some will enter into your site though social media, search engine and some other sources.

This report will show you which pages visitors are landing on when they enter your web site. Based on the report, you can easily figure out how users are interacting with website.

See the report – Behaviour -> Site Content -> Landing Pages.

  1. Bounce Rate vs. Exit Rate Report

The two most important matter is in your website is exit rate and bounce rate, this two things is most vital for all marketers to handle carefully.

This data show the figure of the bounce rate vs. exit rate on your website.
Find it in Behaviour -> Site Content -> All Pages:

Then select “Bounce Rate” and “% Exit” in the Explorer tab.

This graph will show you the comparison between bounce and exit rate for all your pages.

Use this data to find the pages which has low engagement and detect UX problems on your website. For example if visitors are existing  a  four page article after reading the first one page, there is something  that is causing them to leave the rest of pages( bad copy, too many ads,etc)

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Why Trade Shows Are Important To Your Business

Trade shows are one of the most popular marketing tools today, offering businesses a great platform to communicate with new and existing clients, learn about the latest trends and advancements in the industry, and build strong relationships with other professionals. Without doubt, a business’s success at a trade show depends significantly on how well it is able to present its brand and convey its message to the target audience. Losberger recently came out with this great infographic, which explains why trade events are important for a business and the different steps that go into setting up the perfect trade show tent.

Google now displays image thumbnails next to search snippets for food-related queries

You may see the food thumbnails images right in the snippets during your food related search query.

Good news for all restaurants, hotels and Food Companies that their recipe and food menu will display in thumbnails images when searchers search food-related query on Google.

Google is now testing in the web search results page and may be it will take two to three months to finalize.  If Google will accept this feature in the search result then all companies will give more important on their image that means they have to create unique and eye-catching images in order to get better ranking in search results.

Here is some images of these queries on both mobile and desktop search results:

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6 Valuable Tips for Optimizing Your Sales on Amazon

Amazon is the better search engine than Google and other for retailers. Retailers know very well the search engine optimization technique is different than with other traditional search engine. According to the various studies says “Amazon currently has 344,936 products & 746,500 searchers search daily basis”.

Here I am telling you how you will optimize your products to generate more sales in Amazon.

The top 5 factors that correlated with a better ranking were:

  • Get best Amazon sellers rank from visitors
  • Write eye catching keyword in your product title
  • Explain deeply about your products
  • Give discounts
  • Fulfilled by Amazon/Items Sold

If you will able to follow above technique than no doubt your sales and revenue will generate more.

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