20 Feb

Implementing Chatbot for WordPress – Your Full-time Website Employee

Chatbots are algorithms that have been programmed to respond and interact with visitors and customers in a manner similar to customer service personnel. A Chatbot is similar to your Siri or Alexa but in a text form instead of speech. Chatbots are like a virtual personal assistant that makes the visit to your website an easy-breezy experience. Adding Chatbots to your WordPress websites help you to boost your site’s ranking.

13 Feb

Java VS Kotlin – What’s your pick for Android App Development?

Kotlin is a programming language developed by JetBrains and is used by app development services to provide Android mobile apps. The programs developed using Kotlin are compatible to be run on Java Virtual Machine or JVM. Pinterest, Evernote, and the popular cab application Uber are some of these companies that have switched to Kotlin.

7 Feb

Global Vincitore – PPC Advertising and Marketing Agency USA

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a model of advertising which allows you to advertise and market your product and services, that allows an advertiser pays only when a user clicked on their ad. PPC Services includes Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). PPC services, the social media advertising, display and paid marketing (CPC and CPM services) on different platforms like the search engine, social media, and app stores uplift the marketing efforts within the set-aside budget.

1 Feb

Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Development help you to set up a website which stands out among your competition, Also you can get search engine friendly website that helps you to reach a wider market. Some of the best feature WordPress provided includes Easy Implementation, Completely Customization, Content Management, Extended Functionality, and plugins.

30 Jan

Mark Your Presence on Google with Smart SEO Tactics

A tactic which everyone has been using to drive traffic is SEO – search engine optimization. It is important for every blogger, website owners to leverage the benefits of SEO. It gives you results without the need for expensive advertising. A local SEO company downtown will help you in achieving the results with minimal costs.

23 Jan

Gutenberg Editor – The New Age Of Editing

Gutenberg focuses on the building of the website by the website creators with the help of blocks, which are small drag and drop units, thereby, replacing the inconsistent customization process. It brings simplicity and flexibility to WordPress web development so as to help people in not spending time in coding to create and publish websites.

18 Jan

Build Your Brand Through Voice Assistants In 2019

The voice search has also improved the Google search engine optimization by taking away the pain of typing the queries. It will be an added advantage for brands to allow the voice search which in turn helps in getting discovered on search engines easily. These assistants are going to be smarter in the future and will be available for a variety of things that surround us.

9 Jan

Most Common Challenges Faced in AR Mobile App Development

The synthesis of the physical world with the digital world is termed as Augmented Reality. The application developers ensure the AR technology to reach each and every corner of the society so as to familiarize the masses with this booming technology. All fields from marketing to gaming and the treatment facilities available in the area of medicine are affected by Augmented Reality.