8 Apr

Trends to look out for in the UI/UX Industry for 2019 – Express Comput

UX designing has started to move on a more engaging level with responsive animations, 3D icons, light and shading features, transitions, etc. since the introduction of material design. We have now shifted from the bland minimalism, crispness and brightness of flat design to liveliness, increased interactivity, detailed adaptability of design to various devices, customization, and a user-centric approach.

25 Mar

The Future of DevOps: Predictions for 2019 – Database Trends and Appli

Coined nearly 10 years ago by Patrick Debois, the term ‘DevOps’ is now broadly accepted as a methodology by which software development teams and IT operations teams work collaboratively for a continuous delivery approach.  The methodology puts a premium on speed. With the 10-year anniversary coming up, leading IT executives offer their DevOps predictions for 2019.