3 Apr

MasterNode | Anime Coin

Before a new Waifu asset is permited to be created with a given image file, all of the other master Nodes will be given a period of 1,000 ANIM blocks to vote on whether to allow the requested Waifu. Unlike the restriction on duplicate/similar images, which can be regulated using a fully automatic algorithm that doesn’t require human intervention, the rule for Waifus is that only one Waifu is permitted per unique anime character.

2 Apr

Top 10 Master Node Coin for Anime Coin | Anime coin

That is to say, ANIM could eventually transcend its origins as an Anime related project and be used for other things; for example, as a generic crypto currency for creating provably rare digital art of any kind that can be traded in a decentralized exchange. Master Node in Anime Coin Stranger things have happened: recall that Mt Gox began as a Magic the Gathering website http://anime-coin.com

2 Apr

Master Nodes CryptoCurrency | Anime Coin

We predict that the mad rush to get as many ANIM Waifus as early as possible will be a powerful way to “bootstrap” interest in the ANIM project. But once Master Node ANIM coins reach some threshold of value, say a market cap for ANIM of over $100 million, there is no reason why ANIM coins can’t serve as a perfectly good general crypto-currency. Sure, they will have this extra functionality for trading and issuing ANIM assets, but they are also a provably scarce, fairly mined, PoW crypto currency

27 Mar

Best Master Node Coins 2018 | MasterNode Coin

The number of required ANIM should be high enough so that there aren’t a huge number of MasterNode Coin.we need to have some masternodes to keep the network working well, but this number is closer to 200 masternodes rather than 10,000 of them (on the other hand, ANIM needs as much mining hash power as it can get, since this is what makes the currency secure and scarce!). More information Visit our website http://anime-coin.com/proposal.html

27 Mar

Master Node | MasterNode Coin

owners of the new ANIM to run Master Nodes, which will provide much of the new and exciting functionality in the ANIM project, the network will compensate them in other ways besides an allocation of the newly minted ANIM coins: Master Nodes (which will require at least 1 btc worth of ANIM to run) will have special privileges on the ANIM network to issue unique, indivisible blockchain assets. More information Visit our website http://anime-coin.com/proposal.html

26 Mar

Master Node | anime-coin

But if ANIM takes off and is a success, the money Akira spends on buying the ANIM required to make his Master Node so he can issue his Faye Waifu may prove to be a great investment. Why? Suppose Gatsu learns about ANIM 6 months after Akira, and Gatsu is not only a huge Faye fan, but Gatsu is also rich (suppose he bought BTC in 2010!). Then Gatsu can use the decentralized exchange to make an offer to Akira to purchase his Faye Waifu for 250,000 ANIM coins. Akira can decide that he doens’t care ab

26 Feb

MasterNode coin | Anime-coin

The ANIM coin emission schedule will roughly look like Bitcoin’s: a maximum of 21mm coins will ever exist.Unlike all other existing masternode coins, which usually take 40% to 50% of the mining block rewards and give them to masternode owners at the expense of the security of the coin’s blockchain, ANIM will give owners of masternodes just 5% of the block reward.