17 Jul

A Detailed Guide on CSS Remedy

Apart from the traditional reset stylesheets, CSS Remedy is taking a slight another approach. The browsers are far more consistent in how they render CSS but also there are a few limitations on how far can these browsers improve their User Agent StyleSheet. The web defaults for the web need to be consistent with the past because of the desired changes which can break thousands of existing websites.

24 Jun

How to Double the Number of Applications for Your Job Postings? – Care

I am an engineer, but I also have experience in hiring potential candidates. And as of now, I will be wearing a hat with “MBA” printed on it. I often come across people complaining about recruitment procedures. For instance, they are pretty long, they seem to be completely irrelevant, and to top it all recruiters aren’t engaging enough. Which sometimes turns out to be right because as an employer’s many of you have no idea what needs to be done or does it really have to be in that particular way

17 Jun

storybreak stars’);background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:cen

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artistic person, chances are you’ve probably encountered situations where you’ve had to select colors for something. This most likely happens every morning when you get dressed (unless, like cartoon characters, you have an entire closet of the same outfit) or when setting up a new room in your home or office.