6 Jun

Evolution in the different type of heat exchangers used in the Indian

Heat exchangers play a very important role in industrial plants. The heat Exchanger designs vary as per the need and specifications. The heat exchanger uses conduction technique to transfer heat from a fluid to fluid. The Shell and Tube Heat exchangers are most commonly used for industrial applications. Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger is made by indenting them along the length of the tube in a helical pattern and are known for increasing the turbulence by reducing the boundary layer.

5 Jun

Laser Audit Reporting System — Most Trusted Audit Management Software

Laser Audit Reporting System also popularly known as the LARS is a software system that keeps in charge of the audit lifecycle by creating a disciplined, organized and steady process for the internal audit management system. It is the latest Audit Management Software in India in a more simple and facile format and gives an insight into the business of its strength and weakness.