17 Jun

How Does JHipster Help Java Developers For App Development | Java Tuto

If you are liking the Ruby on Rails or Grails approaches to get an application up-and-running in a hurry then jHipster is the right fit for you because it aims to set-up an app fairly painless. JHipster is an app generator which has been of late drawing quite a bit of accolade, especially from the Java developers.

4 Jun

Storytelling: Only You Who Can Script your Story

Brands with a gripping story-line can become a massive hit. Disney and Coca-Cola unveiling the power of story-telling are some of the best examples to take into account. In fact, Tech giant Apple possesses brand stories that are legendary in their status. Due to this, more and more businesses are seen comprehending stories to come up with something that meets the eye of the consumer.