21 May

People like Dr. Kam Habibi is difficult to find – Dr. Kam Habibi

Yes, you read it right the people like Dr. Kam Habibi are difficult to find. In this write up you will get complete information about a man who was the only savior of Hurricane Maria, Dr. Kam Habibi. He is truly an experienced Chiropractic Physician and is even certified by numerous medical institutions and has…

16 May

Choose Dr. Kam Habibi for Easy and Comfortable Treatment – Dr. K

Hopefully, you must be conscious of numerous lone survivors but today here I’m going to discourse about such an inspiration gentleman who was the only continued existence source during tragic Hurricane Maria. His name is Kam Habibi and the stimulating thing is that he is a certified Chiropractic Physician and is also allied with countless…

9 May

Dr. KAM HABIBI – A Lone Rescuer of Hurricane Maria

Dr. Habibi just isn’t only an authority, in any circumstance, an empathetic professional, who assisted the general public with medicines and Furthermore with prompting. As a professional, Habibi thought of the free for all and strain situations, individuals would go up from. To deal with this situation, he structured his restorative companions to manage them in the problems, and assistance the overall public in these problems.