5 Jun

Register For Webinar: Career In Data Science – How To Think About It

The world is going through what is popularly called ‘digital transformation’ – and this is revolutionizing the way we live- the way we communicate, consume, use time, and work. A lot of what we know today as work is being taken over by progressively intelligent machines. A career in data science and machine learning makes sure you are also part of the revolution.

27 May

These 9 courses can turn you into a digital marketing pro—and they&#

Online selling has expanded in so many different directions that it’s tough to define exactly what digital marketing actually means anymore. SEO, content distribution, ad servicing, email marketing—they’re each distinctly unique, yet increasingly critical areas for savvy entrepreneurs to find and cultivate awareness and sales online.

27 May

Want to become a data scientist? – World leading higher education info

Data Science has been creating a buzzword for a while now with more people aiming to look ahead for the alluring career opportunities it comes with. In addition to this, if you are looking for a change in career to data science or you wish to build a career in it and you are extremely passionate about it then this article will guide you some great course just for amateurs.