29 Apr

React.js in patterns

Long time I was searching for a good front-end framework. Framework that will help me write scalable and easy to maintain UI. Even though React is just a library for rendering it comes with so many benefits that I can easily say “I found it”. And like every thing that I use a lot I started seeing some patterns. Techniques that are applied over and over again and I see in the code of other developers. It’s time that I start documenting, discussing and sharing these patterns. / b

26 Apr

Acer H277HU 27-inch With USB-C Monitor (Review) – Productsrace

Acer H277HU 27-inch USB-C monitor is one of the top monitors from Acer. If you are looking for a 27-inch monitor, this could be the one. It has a great feature which you may not find in its competitor products. But there is no need to make hasty decision to buy it. Before buying this monitor you must know all about its other features. Let’s have an in-depth look in the features of Acer H277HU 27-inch USB-C monitor.

26 Apr

March was an unprecedented month for Japanese action games | PC Gamer

Devil May Cry 5 came out this month. Not just this year, but 21 freaking days ago. It's a phenomenal character action game, as deep and rewarding to master as it is flat-out ridiculous. Dante dances in a cowboy hat and uses two halves of a demonically possessed motorcycle to beat the shit out of things. It's the best Japanese action game of its type since Platinum's Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, or Bayonetta, or hell, maybe Shinji Mikami's God Hand, way back