20 Feb

Implementing Chatbot for WordPress – Your Full-time Website Employee

Chatbots are algorithms that have been programmed to respond and interact with visitors and customers in a manner similar to customer service personnel. A Chatbot is similar to your Siri or Alexa but in a text form instead of speech. Chatbots are like a virtual personal assistant that makes the visit to your website an easy-breezy experience. Adding Chatbots to your WordPress websites help you to boost your site’s ranking.

18 Feb

Best Meeting Scheduler Apps to Help in 2019 – Broodle

We can conclude from the given list of scheduler apps which are very crucial nowadays to manage your time and date efficiently. You can try your hands on every app to see which works the best for you. It is always best to have a scheduler app on hand to manage your hectic schedules and note down the important meetings which reduce your chances of forgetting it.