14 Dec

Bir Uthman

Bir Uthman” is a name of Well in Medina, Bir is an Arabic word which means “Well”. The Bir Uthman is also known as “Well of Uthman”. It is well of the time of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) at the time of water shortage Muslim used to fetch water from these Well, These well is still present in the land of Medina it is in “Munawwarah” it is a city in Medina.

8 Dec

Bilal Mosque

Bilal mosque is among the most famous mosques, in Mecca. It is situated in “Jabal-Al-Nur, Mecca 24238, Saudi Arabia”. These mosque is also known as “Masjid-e-bilal, and Bilal Bin Rabah mosque. This mosque is too much big as the rest of mosques in mecca it has the capacity of 700 people offering prayer at the same time.

6 Dec

An Autumn Weekend in Woodstock Vermount

Woodstock, Vermont is one of New England’s premier four season vacation destination and a terrific community in which to work, live and raise a family. It consists of both full time working residents and their families, as well as retired, recreational and seasonal residents. It is a quiet little town has it all, covered bridges, a quaint little village, great coffee shops, and stunning views.

5 Dec

true cuban tour

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29 Nov

resort in chikmagalur

MalagarValley Homestay is the premium resort in Chikmagalur, where we believe in providing comfortable and memorable stay. The homestay is surrounded by the hills covered with full greenery. It is situated at the center of all the tourist places. This is the ideal place for stay for families, friends and partners.