3 Apr

MasterNode | Anime Coin

Before a new Waifu asset is permited to be created with a given image file, all of the other master Nodes will be given a period of 1,000 ANIM blocks to vote on whether to allow the requested Waifu. Unlike the restriction on duplicate/similar images, which can be regulated using a fully automatic algorithm that doesn’t require human intervention, the rule for Waifus is that only one Waifu is permitted per unique anime character.

2 Apr

Top 10 Master Node Coin for Anime Coin | Anime coin

That is to say, ANIM could eventually transcend its origins as an Anime related project and be used for other things; for example, as a generic crypto currency for creating provably rare digital art of any kind that can be traded in a decentralized exchange. Master Node in Anime Coin Stranger things have happened: recall that Mt Gox began as a Magic the Gathering website http://anime-coin.com

13 Feb

AnimeCoin | Anime Crypto | AnimeCoin YouTube

http://anime-coin.com/ We aim — first and foremost — to be the most fair, transparent, secure, decentralized, and honest mastercoin on the crypto market.
Announcing the Proposed Re-launch of AnimeCoin (Symbol: ANIM): A simultaneous fork of both the original Anime Crypto Coin (ANI) and Memetic (MEME). Rare anime art on the Blockchain, with decentralized trading! Please see the proposal for more information. Please view our placeholder website for a brief description on the project.