19 Jul

Jeremy Feakins – Executive Vice Chairman & Director

Jeremy P. Feakins is the leader, motivator and the coordinator of a team and has an experience of 30 years in this expertise. He is also an ardent supporter of the environment issues and helps the environmental issues. All the sustainability issues are kept in mind by Jeremy Feakins. He is a British born resident who has led to the start up and the early stage of the organization via the public listing in both of thousand Europe.

30 Mar

Zach Cormicle – Brilliant Entrepreneur

The customers and all Zach Cormicle clients can very well experience the knowledgeable and the high quality services of the businessman in the easiest and convenient manner. Even if you are unprepared, you will be able to guide yourself with the help of the business management practices in the most efficient manner. With Zach you will be find out the good business techniques and fulfill all the other obligations in the convenient manner.

27 Mar

Zach Cormicle Entrepreneur

Zach Cormicle has led to the innovtions in the industry and also made the customers believe that they are really the ultimate kings of the market and industry. Everything will go as per their needs, preferences and choices and thus will lead to the betterment of the society as well as the business. This also results in the growth of the business enterprise and will lead to professional growth and customer oriented business.

23 Mar

Zach Cormicle

Zach Cormicle has been working in Real Estate business for a long time now, beside him Real estate he has done Hydro Power Projects in Latin America, Previously he run Call Center business with over 150+ employees. Also there is bunch of work being done in Power Sports Business. And this is going to be an area of growth.