13 Nov

Umrah Packages 2019 UK with Islamic Travel

If you are planning to perform Umrah and want to visit the House of Allah, the best choice is Islamic Travel UK. The religious outing holds more an incentive in an actual existence of Muslim than some other Expedition. Muslims in the UK can take finish preferred standpoint of the occasions and invest the great energy at the best occasion goal through Islamic Travel.

5 Oct

Now Hajj and Umrah Is Not That Far

Get the best and most affordable packages for Hajj and Umrah. Go through this article and there are suggestions which can help you to save money when you are shopping there. Mecca is undeniably the most pious place on earth and a visit to this lovely place is a lifetime experience for any Muslim person and will always be remarkable and those memories will always be cherished throughout his life.

31 Aug

Health Tips for Hajj and Umrah

Just once, we all want to go to visit the places where our Beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) spent His life. Every year millions of pilgrims move towards the holy cities Makkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia. But, before going on a spiritual journey, there are mandatory tips for pilgrims during Hajj. If you consider these health tips then you will enjoy more in the House of Allah.

2 Aug

Why Is December Considered as The Best Month for Umrah 2019?

The Muslim nation can’t live without performing their religious responsibilities of Hajj and Umrah. They had started to save their money since early years to complete these holy duties in the House of Allah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This, not a just obligatory worship, this shows the love towards Allah the Almighty Who is our Creator and Lord.

16 Jul

Why is Holy Journey of Umrah Worship Important?

We travel daily to complete our daily needs from one place to another. Sometimes our needs are higher then we move towards out of cities even out of countries. Some journeys are very special for us than journeys of our daily lives that so different such as a trip to Holy Land and we can’t compare any usual voyage with a tour to the sacred land of Makkah and Madinah.